Beach reading

12 Jun

Since I posted before for the ideal beach outfit I thought it will be only suitable to say something about what kind of company you need on the seaside… Personally I never leave for the beach without a book  cause I get too bored too fast sunbathing or just lying there doing nothing!!

Beach reading, by definition, is not very heavy. It is difficult to contemplate weighty content with sand between your toes and a frisbee flying over your head. But just because you need a fun book for the beach, doesn’t mean you have to read something completely fluffy all the time like magazines.

My recomendation is the “Witches of East End”. It’s a fun and light book by Melissa de la Cruz -best known for her mega-selling & highly addictive teen series “Blue Bloods”.

De la Cruz brings us a trio of witches, the Beauchamps – a mom and two daughters living on the tip of Long Island, who, until now, have long suppressed their witchy ways. It’s as if Samantha Stevens has joined forces with “The Witches of Eastwick” and the gals from “Charmed.”




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