vintage sunglasses!!

9 Jun

these words are two of my favorites!!!!  Love vintage and certainly looooove sunglasses… Who doesn’t???

Vintage sunglasses have style written all over them!! In every trip i’ve taken in europe the first thing i was asking about -the vintage markets!!!! And every time i discovered a little treasure there… Could be an YSL handbag or an old PRADA coat even Emilio Pucci dresses and a Chanel blazer!!!!! It’s very rare to find such pieces in reasonable prices. It took me 7years of searching almost every vintage store in several countries.The one thing that i would find every time was a fabulous  pair of vintage sunglasses!!!!!

Since i haven’t been travelling for the past 7 months and summer is here, i’d love to buy myself a new pair of sunglasses so i went online and a find my treasure site!!!

It has many brands(Lacroix,Dior,Boss..) and even a menu for underpriced (less than $100) sunglasses & eyeglasses!!

It ships worldwide and shipping is free for U.S. & Canada!!!


vintage round sunglasses Boss ($299)


vintage aviator round sunglasses Persol Ratti ($349)


vintage classic sunglasses Carrera ($89)


vintage classic style eyeglasses Persol Ratti ($329)

The site’s name is Kings of Past.. Here is a link


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