9 Jun

Last night i watched Frida… I was surprised that I’ve missed this movie for so many years!!!

I was amazed by this woman’s personality… She was a mexican painter- talented , loyal , ballsy , rebellious and beautifull…

She didn’t give up on life even after a terrible accident that almost left her on a chair…

Pain never left her after the accident . She died when see was 47y.o. and couldn’t move her legs an back for several years.

She was so creative… her paintings were sad but strong and beautiful.

Frida lived in Paris and even made the cover of French VOGUE…

She wasn’t a notorious painter due to her mexican origin and her husband who was also a painter and overshadowed her for her whole life.

Nevertheless now she is recognized as the best painter-artist of all Latin America!!!!


Frida Kahlo in her garden in Mexico


Frida Kahlo’s Vogue cover


Salma Hayek as Frida Kahlo


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